Monday, July 22


The new Professional Practice Journal for the Outdoor Sector on the Island of Ireland

Lasmuigh is a professional practice journal that aims to both inform and reflect the field of outdoor education on the Island of Ireland by reporting on and sharing good practice. The publication serves as a commitment to the ongoing development of practice, to sharing ideas and innovations, and to promoting an awareness research on outdoor practice on the Island of Ireland and Internationally. Lasmuigh seeks to engage with and be inclusive of all those who share the outdoor setting for experiences be they recreational, developmental, educational, therapeutic or other.

We want to hear your story! In keeping with our values at Lasmuigh we aspire to publish content that engages with the broad range of those who work in the outdoor sector and encourage submissions ranging from ideas for practice to submissions that seek to expand the evidence base for outdoor interventions. In keeping with the inclusive values of Lasmuigh artwork, poetry and book reviews related to the outdoor sector are also encouraged.

Please see guidance for contributors HERE. Lasmuigh will be published twice a year, in the Spring and in the Autumn. If you are interested in submitting to Lasmuigh here are submission recommendations:

The next edition will go live in April 2024, final submissions to be received by the 1st March 2024.

There are many different ways to become involved in this publication

  • Submit a book review, poem or artwork
  • Submit an article on some research you have conducted
  • Submit a story of your professional journey
  • Submit an account of a project or an example of good practice that you are responsible for.
  • Apply to be a member of the editorial panel
  • Send in ideas for the further development of the publication.

We are keen to welcome a broad range of submissions – see the types of submission here.

all information will be stored and managed in accordance with GDPR guidance